Expressions in EarthPaint

Expressions in EarthPaint
by Laura Z

These are my more expressive works done in EarthPaint. All color in these highly textured works on canvas is 100% natural, made using handmade mineral and gemstone pigments and durable acrylic gels.


Laura Z 2014
Private Collection

24" x 24" Laura Z 2004

Lady Sings the Blues    
Laura Z 2002 Private Collection

Color Spiral    
Laura Z 2004
Private Collection
12" x 12" Laura Z 2014

The Weather in September   
18" x 24"  Laura Z 2004
I painted this while my family and I were trapped in the house by a mudslide, one of many in the aftermath of hurricanes Frances and Ivan in September 2004. We were lucky: four people lost their lives in nearby Franklin, NC in the Peeks Creek mudslide.

Matrix Opal  
12" x 12" Laura Z 2014

Hearts and Minds  
10cm. x 10 cm.   Laura Z 2006
This painting was done as part of the world's first digital mural, exhibited in Istanbul, Turkey in 2006 by the group Artists For Peace.

24" X 24"  Laura Z 2004

Phoenix18" x 24"  Laura Z 2004

Color Spiral   
Laura Z 2003 
Private Collection

Ocean Square Laura Z 2012
Private Collection

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