Gallery: Weirdo Edition

   Original Art by Laura Z 

Mixed Media Drawing and Painting  


I'm going to start out with some portraits and creative representations of the figure, then work my way into the weird stuff. I'll conclude with some nice landscapes and soothing semi-surrealism near the end. Think of it as a reward / apology for being subjected to the weirdest recesses of my deep, dark art brain. I'll thank you in advance!

Something Blue
Acrylics on canvas - commissioned portrait
Mother and Child
Acrylics on canvas
I was tasked with creating a painting that could pass as a
Renaissance painting, to be used as a prop for a stage play.
Mixed Media - a portrait of my handsome boyfriend
Daddy's Boy
gouache and soft pastel - commissioned portrait
Oil Pastel on vellum
All Along the Watchtower
Acrylics on canvas

At 4'6" x 4'6" this is my largest painting. I'd love to sell it before I ever have to move with it again: this one is a pain in the *^%$#&%$&^. But it's also one of my very best paintings. See if you can spot the lyrics to the chorus of the iconic song, hidden in images throughout the painting.

Can you sense that we are getting into 

Green Man
soft pastels
Cry River
Oil Pastels
Gentleman Caller
Soft Pastel
The Spider and the Fly
Mixed Media
Para Diego II
Crayon and ink
Are You Gonna Eat That?
Angry, Crippled, and Confused
crayon, ink, and nail polish on vellum
crayon and pencil
Can you guess who was a toddler when I drew this???
Swim at Your Own Risk
Oil Pastel on vellum
Failure to Thrive
Watercolor, crayon, nail polish, and sadness
Not Ready
crayon and sorrow
Red Balloons
Black Hole
crayon and gouache
I'm With Stupid
That's What We Said
soft pastels
Brain Tree
I'm on this Side (Inside the Psych Ward)
colored pencil
colored pencil
Dusk on the Parkway
colored pencil and ink
Colored pencil
Honeysuckle June
colored pencil and ink
Hands that Steal, Kill, and Heal
crayon, ink, nail polish
Ambitioncrayon, ink, nail polish
She Dances But She Doesn't Know Why
Delayed Flight
oil pastels
Dance Party
Music of the Spheres
crayon and nail polish
The Key
soft pastel

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