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Stone-Age Contemporary Art by Laura Z

Me and my favorite work of art:
my son Judah
Welcome to the blog of artist and writer Laura Miller Zepeda.

It features photos of my original work, and insights / random thoughts related to art and creativity. I'm a lifelong artist with an unusual medium that also incorporates my fascination with minerals and gemstones.

Preparing lapis lazuli in a 
granite mortar and pestle. 
I currently live in Maggie Valley, NC, in
the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains,
an area that is known worldwide for its abundance of minerals and gemstones.

I don't think I could have developed this modern twist on a prehistoric artform anywhere else on Earth.

I also use stones from around the world, such as lapis lazuli from Afghanistan (see right), or malachite (bright green), which is primarily found throughout the African continent.

This is my Mobile Magnetic Studio: each container is arranged by color using magnets, on a repurposed wire display rack.

I'm a kind of Accidental Alchemist. My focus is on risk-taking and experimentation, including the invention of various kooky tools and equipment. I am constantly expanding my techniques.

This approach to making art has enriched my artistic perspective in so many ways, and it is this creative mindset that I wish to share through this blog.

I especially want to encourage anyone who feels the creative urge but feels unqualified to make art. I strongly feel that art is for everyone, and I have a passion to share this love in a way that is down to earth (literally!) and accessible to everyone, from the awkward novice to seasoned art professionals.

EarthPaint: Where Cave Painting Meets Canvas

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