Monday, September 12, 2016

Organizing Chaos

A tidy studio space: for me, this usually means one in which art is not being actively created.

Organization does not come to me naturally; putting things away usually amounts to hiding them from myself. When things are in disarray I know where everything is, but an incomplete project that is neatly out of sight might as well be in Purgatory.

However, when one is sharing a tiny apartment with a partner and an especially unruly Art Monster (AKA my studio "corner," which is really more like half), it becomes necessary to tame the creative chaos.

It is important for me to display my materials in a way that is both convenient and beautiful, so that I can maintain a work space that is visually pleasing while it is in use. I don't see much point in cleaning up just to make a new mess.

The Mobile Magnetic Studio (left) was just the beginning of my newfound obsession with aesthetic organization. I've also incorporated my love for found objects, using discarded electronic components to make organizers for my art supplies and tools, as well as to make new ones.

The eye of an old CD drive makes an excellent base for a spinning display caddy, which can be constructed from a variety of scrap materials. I've used glossy promotional fliers, used gift cards, empty peanut cans, and even scratched CDs. Electronics are also a great source for small but powerful magnets, and metal pieces can be attached to any flat surface and used to secure magnetized items.

Today's technology is often disposable: all it takes is a little glue and ingenuity to breathe new life into obsolete or unwanted electronics. It is a craft project that puts the fun in functional.

Always be mindful of safety when dismantling electronics, and keep small objects, especially magnets, away from children. Use the proper tools and protective gear, and be sure to have a First Aid Kit handy.

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